To participate in the City of Melilla Tourism Forum: "Melilla as a tourist destination"; You will need to carry out the following steps: lleve a cabo los siguientes pasos:

1. Register by completing the following form, including your information and the course(s) you wish to enroll in: Link to Registration.

2. Send the communication to the following form on't forget to include the completed form and follow the instructions, as indicated in Submission guidelines.

The congress finances 40 attendees with up to €500 for accommodation and transportation. The grants will be awarded in strict order of registration and priority will be given to candidates who defend a communication or who participate in the doctoral colloquium.

In the registration form, the full text of the presentation in Spanish or English must be sent, if applicable. Communications can be sent from June 1 to June 30 at 11:59 p.m., with a work-in-progress format of a minimum of 4,500 words.

The same author may not appear in more than 3 communications, and a maximum number of 4 authors per communication is established. In addition, attendance at 80% of the sessions presented during the Forum will be required in order to receive a valid certificate and, furthermore, it is a necessary condition to not have to return the aid received if it has been received.

Tourist voucher

The rest of the attendees will be able to benefit from the new Melilla tourist voucher, which represents approximately a 75% reduction in transportation and accommodation (link you provided for the Melilla tourist voucher). The information to qualify for this aid will be sent to those people who do not obtain funding from the forum.

Tourist voucher website.